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We now offer a range Shooting Course for those who have a valid NY State Pistol permit.

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If you want to learn to shoot and handle a pistol properly, this course is for you. This is a 4 hour course spent at a shooting range to give students who have not actually handled or fired a pistol, or who have but just don't feel comfortable yet doing so, the opportunity to have a hands on shooting session  with the guidance of our pistol instructors.

After a short classroom refresher we head out to the range to learn how to handle a pistol and properly shoot. After the range session we head back in the classroom to cover properly cleaning our pistols.

This is a live range shooting course, We Do Not supply any needed safety equipment for the range.

Students are required to supply and bring the following to participate, no exceptions:

1. A valid NYS pistol permit

2. Your own pistol 

3. 50 rounds of ammo for your pistol

4. Eye and ear protection

5. A holster for your pistol

6. Dress for the current weather

Disclaimer: Although our course is taught by NRA certified instructors, our course is a non-NRA sanctioned course