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About Our Class

Our Pistol Safety class is taught by instructor Bob Haldenwang .

Bob is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, and also a NY certified Hunter Education Instructor.

Bob  has a long history with the familiarity and safe handling of firearms.

This is a hands-on classroom pistol training course which includes:

Pistol Safety

Proper Ammunition Selection

Loading and Unloading a Pistol

Learning Different Shooting Positions

Common Pistol Malfunctions

Pistol Safety

Proper Cleaning and Storage

Transporting a Handgun

Purchasing a Handgun

The Responsibility of Owning a Firearm

Article 35, NY Penal law

Did I Mention "Pistol SAFETY"

and Much, More......


This is the class required to obtain your pistol permit.

No pistol permit or shooting experience is required.

By the end of the class you will have received proper training to own and use a pistol safely. You will then receive a certificate of completion and be ready to apply for your pistol permit with confidence.

If you are considering an out-of-state permit please go to www.usacarry.com there you will find a map of each states requirements.

We do not accept online payments 

Payment Is Due The Day Of Class by either cash or check


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Disclaimer: Although our course is taught by NRA certified instructors, our course is a non-NRA sanctioned course